How it

An end-to-end platform

Unique online presence

No need to buy a website, manage domains, hosting, spend time on managing the site and pay freelancers to customise it. We provide you with easy access to everything you need to control your own unique online presence.

List any service you'd like

Bootcamps? Standard packages? Clip cards? Online training? Individual and unique offerings? We have you covered. Create any type of service you’d like. All are seamlessly integrated with any other feature on our the platform.

Searchable from day 1

We provide world class matching between clients and you. From day 1, you are searchable across the entire platform with all your services.

Communication and community

Replace Facebook, Messenger, Messages, Emails, LinkedIn and WhatsApp with one platform. Our easy-to-use chat platform is fully integrated to your daily work and is customised by your needs. Create public and private communities and conversations, send and receive documents and videos, share stats and cheer on each other with likes, gifs, and emojis.

Charge and get paid

Don’t ever think about how you get paid again. From subscriptions to vouchers and one offs,  payments on Beyond Sport happen automatically and are easy for both you and your clients. It’s easy, secure and fast.

Automatic invoicing

Really? Yes! No more invoicing. Just list your services, get paid, and we deal with the rest.

Fully integrated calendar

Get complete control of all your bookings and let clients book available time slots.

Reviews from clients

Receive reviews from your clients and let everyone show how awesome you are.

Overview in dashboard

Never lose your overview. In your dashboard, you have complete overview of anything, anytime.


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