Online fitness coaching at a fractional cost of what you pay today

Explore how the world’s first combination of artificial intelligence and human fitness coaching works.

🚀We are launching to the first public group on December 1st 2021, with 20 users.
Claim your early access and your first month at 50% off. First come, first serve.
If you are not one of the first 20, we will onboard you asap!

Online coaching

🚀We are launching to the first public group on December 1st 2021, with 20 users.
Claim your early access and your first month at 50% off. First come, first serve.
If you are not one of the first 20, we will onboard you asap!

At $49 per month, we are 1/5th of what you would pay elsewhere

So, how does Beyond Sport work?

100% personalised

When you sign up we ask you a bunch of questions, which serve as initial inputs to our algorithms so you can get the workout routine you deserve. We use artificial intelligence to adapt the workout routine to your progress, and make it fit 100% to you.

Your workout program is constantly updated in your app, and always ready for your next workout.

Human coaching

Based on your individual profile and goals we will send you video coach-introductions, which you can watch and then pick your favourite to work with. No matter what, your coach is rigorously vetted and highly qualified. Once a week you will get a check in, and your coach replies to any question within 24 hours Monday-Friday. Your coach also provides mental support if you have a bad week or reached a plateau, guidance with injuries and painpoints, and feedback on technique based on workout videos. Your coach also helps making sure that you are on track with your workouts, and is your personal support in your journey to reach your goals.

Knowledge center (2022)

This feature has been requested a lot by our first batch of beta users. Towards the beginning of 2022 we will therefore launch our knowledge center, which gives you guides and knowledge in functional fitness, health, nutrition and supplements. We help you navigate the world of misinformation.

Our entire knowledge center is tied to your individual profile, which means that whatever content you find interesting, you can add to your own routines inside the app. 

Words from our beta users

$49 per month

First month is 50% off for the first 20 users. Cancel anytime.


Our coaches guide you.
So you don't have to.


Get weekly check-ins, and the mental support and guidance you need from your personal coach, as well as feedback on your technique whenever you need it.


Establish the habit for consistently working out with the help from your coach, who supports you in your journey no matter what your goal is.


Having the workout routine at your fingertips is important, right? Get weekly updated workouts, always according to your progress and feedback.

24h reply Mon-Fri

10min weekly check-in

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You will have no worries

Because we’ll teach you

Our training philosophy: a functional body

Five functional cornerstones, always part of your new workout routine

1. Functional strength

2. Functional power

3. Functional endurance

4. Functional range of motion and mobility

5. Functional balance and coordination

No static machine training.

You are in focus

We care about you

That's why we have prepared some questions

8 of them to be specific

100% personalised

Our algorithms are crunching through millions of combinations

Now what?

Next steps

Ready to try?
First month is on us.

Cancel anytime.

Any questions?

Here are some frequently asked ones:

Online fitness coaching is a new branch of personal training, tailored for those who want and/or need access to a coach who can guide them, while at the same time having workout routines at their fingertips.

We charge $49 per month.

Based on your answers to the questions in the sign up process, we will send you some videos of the coaches who fit your preferences, needs and goals. You watch these, and choose your favourite coach.

You communicate with your coach via our app. From here, you can reach out anytime and expect a reply within 24 hours. You and your coach can send videos and text messages to each other.

Your coach reaches out to you on a regular basis for check-ins, but is at your service whenever you need him/her. You can reach out to your coach whenever you need your coach’s help.

All the time. Your workout program in the app is always ready for your next workout.

Your coach replies within 24 hours Monday-Friday. 

Yes, you get a 10 minute weekly check-in. Week to week you decide yourself whether or not you’d like the call, and then book your coach for an available time slot. You and your coach can discuss anything from your goals and progress, to difficulties in exercises or general concerns about nutrition.

If that didn't help you, just reach out.


Here's a guided tour of what will happen.

In order to tailor your Beyond Sport experience 100% to you, we need to get to know you better. We will ask some questions, which takes about 4 minutes to complete.​
Shortly hereafter we will send you an email with your login credentials to the app. You can now install our app, and see your workout routines.​
Based on your answers we send you video coach-introductions. You can watch these, and pick the coach you like the best.

So far, so good

Let's get you started

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