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We are much more than just the booking

We are all about:

Establishing true relationships

Building real communities

Managing all workflows

Establish true and lifelong

Build your community

Manage your trainer workflow

Manage your entire workflow on Beyond Sport, and get access to all features:

For whom?

Athletes on all levels

It’s finally easy to find the perfect personal trainer for exactly your needs. Simply mark your preferred criteria, hit search, and then review the trainers and their products. Request a meeting with your trainer before booking and rest assured that your payment is deposited with Beyond Sport until your sessions have started. Then we wire the money to your trainer. 

If you need any help (or have any questions) finding the perfect trainer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you ❤️

Personal trainers

We take care of almost everything related to running your business so you can focus entirely on providing a world class experience and progress for each and every one of your clients.

Our intelligent software gives you access to automatic invoicing, selling subscriptions, clip cards, standard packages, individual packages and bootcamps all with full overview in your beautifully integrated  Beyond Sport calendar. Not only that, you have full access to our exceptional communication and chat platform right at your fingertips. Everything designed specifically to suit the needs of trainers and clients. And the 🍒on the cake? Premium support in case you  have any questions.

We care deeply about creating
trust, comfort and transparency

We always ensure that:


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